The Greatest Mullets Of All Time

Andre Agassi

Former World Champ in singles tennis who showed his confidence in more ways than one.

Billy Ray Cyrus

Singer Songwriter. Achy-Breaky, no mistakey… It’s a Kentucky Waterfall on a Kentucky native.

Jared Allen

Former NFL defensive end who quoted “The mullet isn’t just a hairdo, it’s definitely a lifestyle.”

Blake Shelton

Singer, TV personality, and icon of the Country Music Mullet. Bring it back, Blake!

Jaromir Jagr

2-time Stanley Cup winner and Czech native, proudly upholding the global tradition of “Hockey Hair”

Kenny Powers

Fictional baseball pitcher played by Danny McBride (and his Carolina Crash Helmet)

Mario Lopez

Actor who brought his teenage trophy mullet to 1989’s “Saved By The Bell”

Mel Gibson

Actor and unofficial “Mullet Man” whose hair is an enduring symbol of the Lethal Weapon franchise

Randy Johnson

Former pitcher and “mulletstache” icon of professional baseball

Patrick Swayze

Actor. He brought a bad boy mullet to “Point Break” and a bad ass mullet to “Roadhouse”


The lead singer of U2 brought serious mulletude to music charts of the late ‘80’s

Joe Dirt

Acted by David Spade, with accompanying acid washed jeans and dreams of a ‘67 Plymouth GTX Hemi

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