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Tyler Miller – Brutus

Eau Claire, WI

My hair had been buzzed for many years. 4 years ago, I decided to let it grow out again. Once it was long, some friends and I were sitting on the porch and decided we wanted to cut it into a mullet. I rocked the mullet for the next week until I saw my brother. He had a wedding coming up and once he saw my hair his only request was I keep it for the wedding. Since he asked me I have not cut it short since. Brutus as it is known is now how I am described to people. Friends I have known for years have told me that it fits me perfect, and they can no longer imagine me without it.

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Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors Is A Nonprofit Organization Dedicated To Providing Critically Injured United States Military Veterans With Injury-Specific, Accessible, And Mortgage-Free Homes. Your Donations Help Us To Build And Remodel These Homes, Enabling Us To Provide Much Needed Support And Assistance To Our Veterans. The Homes We Build And Remodel Are Designed To Meet The Unique Needs Of Each Individual Veteran, Ensuring That They Have A Safe And Comfortable Place To Live As They Recover From Their Injuries. Your Generosity Enables Us To Continue Our Important Work, And We Are Deeply Grateful For Your Support.











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