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Nick Weaver – Bocephus

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Ole Bocephus comes from a long and storied line of mullets. My daddy Booger Red was the first to realize the potential of these mullet genes when he grew out his mullet Jethro. At 65 years young, Jethro is still going strong. Fast forward to ole Bocephus. There’s been many iterations of him through the years. This version is about three years in the making and just coming into his prime. I made the mistake of cutting Bocephus one time and felt like Samson, I immediately lost all my power. It’s done got to the point now that I couldn’t even work because all the pretty ladies couldn’t keep their fingers out of it. So me and Bocephus decided to make a buck and now we charge $1 per mullet rub. There have been grown men weep at the sight of Bocephus because he’s just so majestic. It’s a heavy burden knowing you have the finest mullet in great state of Arkansas, but one I’m willing to bear. And now it’s time to introduce ole Bocephus to the rest of ‘Merica.

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Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors Is A Nonprofit Organization Dedicated To Providing Critically Injured United States Military Veterans With Injury-Specific, Accessible, And Mortgage-Free Homes. Your Donations Help Us To Build And Remodel These Homes, Enabling Us To Provide Much Needed Support And Assistance To Our Veterans. The Homes We Build And Remodel Are Designed To Meet The Unique Needs Of Each Individual Veteran, Ensuring That They Have A Safe And Comfortable Place To Live As They Recover From Their Injuries. Your Generosity Enables Us To Continue Our Important Work, And We Are Deeply Grateful For Your Support.











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