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Caleb Barnes – Smoky Mountain Mullet

East Tennessee

So back a few years agoi decided screw it no one is doing the mullets anymore so imma grow one. This is back right when covid started so the masks where jeeping everyone distracted from the awkward stage of the mullet growing process. So I kept faith and stayed with it. Later on I noticed the mullet was making me more bold and I started doing more shenanigans. So I created the Smoky Mountain Mullet YouTube Channel and tik tok. And a future legend was born. American flag overalls and all.

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Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors Is A Nonprofit Organization Dedicated To Providing Critically Injured United States Military Veterans With Injury-Specific, Accessible, And Mortgage-Free Homes. Your Donations Help Us To Build And Remodel These Homes, Enabling Us To Provide Much Needed Support And Assistance To Our Veterans. The Homes We Build And Remodel Are Designed To Meet The Unique Needs Of Each Individual Veteran, Ensuring That They Have A Safe And Comfortable Place To Live As They Recover From Their Injuries. Your Generosity Enables Us To Continue Our Important Work, And We Are Deeply Grateful For Your Support.











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