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Jace Setliff – The Quacktastic

Eugene, OR

Twas the year 2019 in a small town nestled between the Oregon coast and a high desert, there lived a young boy named Jace. Jace was a free-spirited and adventurous boy who sought to stand out from the crowd. He possessed a wild imagination and an unwavering sense of individuality.

One cold and rainy afternoon, while Jace watched youtube videos he stumbled upon an incredible video showcasing a man with a wolf tail cut, cascading down like a waterfall. He was intrigued, captivated by the flowing locks and manly style. As he leaned into the ipad and took a closer look, he caught his reflection in the ipad screen. There, to his amazement, the reflection of his face perfectly aligned with the striking hairstyle on the screen. He was mesmerized at how he looked with the striking hairstyle. The perfect balance of strength, rebelliousness, and mystery that mirrored his own spirit. Jace made the decision at that very moment. This hairstyle would become his own.

Jace, with the help of a wise and fearless hairdresser, began the long and gallant journey to create the hairstyle that embodied his adventurous nature and set him apart from the ordinary - it would be extraordinary. Over time and countless hours of research and trial and error, he realized the wolf cut may have been what opened the door to this campaign to hair greatness, but the mullet was what truly encapsulated his confidence and eccentricity. While the front was tidy and unassuming, the back was a windswept mane of defiance and finesse.

As months turned into years, Jace’s ever growing mullet became the talk of his family and friends. While some close minded folk attempted to convince him to slay the long and flowing locks, most were steadfast in their support of Jace’s transformation into his true self. Any hindrance or defiance Jace encountered was swiftly defeated through the tenacity and rebellion the mullet empowered him with. Jace’s mullet became a symbol of his daring and independent nature, setting him apart from the crowd.

The mullet, lovingly nicknamed the “Quacktastic” has endured countless attempts to expel it including weddings, holiday parties, and other formal events. But the Quacktastic mullet has lived on, inspiring countless other free-thinkers, rebels, and those who dared to defy societal norms. To Jace, this mullet is more than just a hairstyle, it represented his unyielding sense of self. It’s been 4 years and Jace’s Quacktastic Mullet isn’t going anywhere soon.

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