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Brennan Esbeck – Samantha


Samantha started way back in March of 2020. I remember Brennan coming to me and asking if he could grow a mullet, sure! At that time we were on a two-week school break for COVID and I thought he’d get annoyed with the hair touching his neck and would want to cut it, summer hit and the mullet was still around. I had cut it for him, being in lockdown so it was a crappy cut. When things loosened up, we went and got it professionally trimmed. Once school was back in session in the fall of 2020, his friends took to his mullet and that’s where the name Samantha came in. Fast forward 3 years and Samantha is still here! She’s naturally curly and I don’t see her going anywhere, anytime soon!

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Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors Is A Nonprofit Organization Dedicated To Providing Critically Injured United States Military Veterans With Injury-Specific, Accessible, And Mortgage-Free Homes. Your Donations Help Us To Build And Remodel These Homes, Enabling Us To Provide Much Needed Support And Assistance To Our Veterans. The Homes We Build And Remodel Are Designed To Meet The Unique Needs Of Each Individual Veteran, Ensuring That They Have A Safe And Comfortable Place To Live As They Recover From Their Injuries. Your Generosity Enables Us To Continue Our Important Work, And We Are Deeply Grateful For Your Support.











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