2023 Locks of Glory


MANE EVENT IS HERE! Oct 9th – 13th

MANE EVENT     Oct 9th – 13th

Who Will Take the Crown for the Nation's Best Mullet?

We’re on the hunt for the most epic, daring, and unique mullet in the nation.

Here's how it works:


users will vote for their favorite mullet. Each vote counts towards the overall score of the contestant.


donations will be made to Jared Allen's Homes for Wounded Warriors, with each donation made on behalf of the contestant of your choice. The amount of money raised for charity will also contribute to the overall score of the contestant.


our panel of judges will critique each mullet based on length, style, uniqueness, and showmanship. At the end of the contest, the culmination of the three aspects of the contest will determine the winner.

Round 1 - Mens Contestants

Aaron Brinker – La Flama Blanca
Aaron Woomer – Chattagucci
Adam Schmidt – Northern Attitude
Aidan Holland – The Divorcer
Al Forbes – Travel Ball Dad
Alex Calloway – Screaming Eagle
Alex Leach – Bolt
Alex May – Thor
Ali Mendez – The Beast
Andrew Griep – Billy Ray’s Baby Maker
Anthony McDaniel – Florida Follicle Fountain
Anthony Remsen – Ginger Falls
Artur Krutina – La Doble P
Asa Cox – 1090
Ashley Holman – Diablo the Mullet Daddy
Ashley Kehoe – Magic mullet
Benjamin Ousborne – BennyRayCyrus
Bill Selby – The Captain Mullet
Billy Long – Texas Tail
Brad Hejl – Little Bennie
Braeden Perry – Old Spice Mullet
Brandob Kraly – Majestic
Brandon Cramer – Texas
Brandon McCubbin – The Wild Side
Brandon Sturdevant – Bangin
Brendon Sanderlin – the Bronco
Brent Greiner – My Mane
Brett Allen – Show-Me Curl
Brett Jensen – Kentucky Waterfall / Mississippi Mudflap
Brett Thurlwell – The Great from 88
Breydon Potts – The Joe dirte
Brian Carroll – “The All Natural”
Brian Senesac – Curlmaster
Brian Stella Jr – 3 Stooges (Larry Flow n’ Curly)
Bryan Arroza – Rock n roll gangster
Bryan Morrison – The Delaware River
Bryan Schmit – Wiscurlson
Caleb Barnes – Smoky Mountain Mullet
Casey Williams – Dale Earnhardt junior, junior.
Chad Riley – The Mul’ Le’ (Best French Accent)
Chad Weyker – The glades mullet
Chase Lathrop – Lushious Locks
Chris Dominguez – Blanco basura
Chris Hill – 80’s inferno
Christian Cronan – The Dirty Joe
Christopher Romero – El Merro Merro
Christopher Whitener – Freedom Flo
Clayton Johnson – Outdoor Dog

So start voting, donating, and styling those mullets!