Last Update : 10/12/2023

Last Update : 10/12/2023

Who Will Take the Crown for the Nation's Best Mullet?

We’re on the hunt for the most epic, daring, and unique mullet in the nation.

Here's how it works:


users will vote for their favorite mullet. Each vote counts towards the overall score of the contestant.


donations will be made to Jared Allen's Homes for Wounded Warriors, with each donation made on behalf of the contestant of your choice. The amount of money raised for charity will also contribute to the overall score of the contestant.


our panel of judges will critique each mullet based on length, style, uniqueness, and showmanship. At the end of the contest, the culmination of the three aspects of the contest will determine the winner.


Alex Mcduffie – Cougar bait
Alex Rivera – “Hoss”
Anchor Brant – The Cougar Killer
Andrew Hooley – The Kalamazoo ShoLo
Anthony Woodring – WoodFlow
Bobby Masten – Bobby-Ray
Bradley Peterson – Just for Her: Touch of Filth
Brady Andrzejewski – The Eastern Shore Mudflap
Brady Nielsen – CatfishBilly
Brandon Eighmey – Dewars Dirtiest
Brandon Hernandez – Texas Tailgate
Brandon Mittermeier – Mama Tried
Brandon Prince – SYSTER
Brendan Amadon – Magnificent
Brian Carruthers – The BC Gravy Train
Buddy Campbell – Whislin’ Kitty Chaser
Chad Hammond – Freedom Flaps
Chase Evans – The Florida Panhandle
Chay Stojowski – The Nape Drape
Chris Adler – Girl Dad
Chris Brazda – Cascade Curtain
Chris Cifelli – The Delco Wooderfall
Clifford Olson – Mane event
Colton Jessie – The Warren County Waterfall
Curtis Long – Michigan Beaver Pleaser
Daniel Hancock – Carroll County Curls
David Houtz – Terry the Walmart Wolverine
Dom Brugioni – The Shirley Temple
Eric Kormann – Luscious
Frank Michael – The Rensselaer Mudflap
Garrett Garner – The Mane Attraction
Grant Humphries – Bama Backstretch
Han Nguyen – The Asian Mullet
Hickerbilly Bob – Merica
Jack Holloran – Braska Beaver Flap
Jacob Dodson – Gotta rock a mullet before it all falls out, idgaf
Jake Lessels – Mulltallica
Jared Copher – The Banana Slug
Jared Hippler – Amadeus
Jeff Lunsford – The Stockyard Stunner
Jeremiah Van Winkle – Mullet Misfit
Jeremy (Scrappy) Perine – “The Mountaineer Mullet”
John Allison – The Asian Persuasion
John Butz – Curley Shuffle
John Poor – Uncle Jesse
John Stevenson – The Bushmaster
Jonathon Ramos – Caped Crusader
Josh Boyette – The Headturner
Josh Laughter – Tennessee Tailgate
Kazdion Mount – Oklahoma Waterfall
kyle lytle – Oklahoma Waterfall
Mac Savage – Waste Management Mullet
Matt Ruby – Achy Breaky Big Mistakey
Michael Gaffney – Goldie Locks
Mike Quinn – Texas tailgate
Mitch Anhalt – Morgan Wallmart
Nick Bruins – Every Milfs Dream
Nick Weaver – Bocephus
Patrick Sosman – Wesley
Quintin Bradford – ALL PARTY NO BUSINESS
RJ Appleberry – My Pride and Joy
Rodney Morrison – Sampson
Rowdy Yates – Let Er Buck!
Samuel Blankenship – Dew it for Dale
Samuel Longhenry – THE Follicle Fountain
Scott Havener – Kenny Powers
Scott Salvadore – The Lord’s Drapes
Shawn Halladay – Dale
Stephen Martell – Stevie Nixon
Steve Orr – Silver Falls
Thomas Meininger Jr – The Flow is Lava
Todd Grubb – Flow Motion
Troy Goodwin – Silver Bullet
Tyler Miller – Brutus
Waylan Niece – The Highlander
Zachary Reiswig – Teddy Curlsevelt
Zack Mills – The Carolina Shrimp Tail